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What we offer and what our goal is:

We offer consultant services for the physical development of our clients. We aim to provide the knowledge and guidance with which they will maintain their desired physique and healthy condition. We work towards teaching them up to a level at which they will no longer require our assistance. We believe that the only way to improve a person’s lifestyle is when sports are formed into a habit that comes naturally to our day to day lives. For that to be achieved, the client will have to mostly rely on themself and no one else. We make it our goal to teach our clients all of the necessary knowledge for maintaining perfect fit physique.

Here is how we going to help you to achieve your goals:

Personal training program

In accordance to our client’s individual information about parameters, preferences, availability for training days, level of knowledge, weaker muscle groups and etc. We will prepare the individual training program that our client will have to follow. Every individual is different, so we will maximize our efforts and create the most efficient plan as possible for you.

Macronutrient diet plan:

We will create a daily macronutrient diet plan with fixed goals, that will result in your daily caloric intake. We will also prepare a menu, that will point the client towards the early stages of the training process.We do not work with specific amounts of food or types of food. With our method the client can control their own diet plan, making it easier to accommodate with their time, taste and allowance.

Macronutrients course:

Of course, we do not expect all our clients to know about macronutrients, so that is why we are prepared to provide a special course that will teach you all the necessary knowledge about the topic. In case you wouldn’t like that, we are also prepared to provide you with a detailed diet plan, but we would much rather teach you how to do that on your own, so you could make your own adjustments in your diet in the future.

Let's take a closer look about macronutrients:


Carbohydrates include sugars like table sugar or fruit sugar, starches like potatoes or bread, and also something called fiber. We need fiber for a good digestive system, to help slow down sugar metabolism, and to keep our cholesterol levels normal.


They come from the oils in vegetables, nuts, seeds, and from animal sources.You need them in your food regime for several reasons. They help us feel satisfied or full. Most animal sources are not very good for us, except for fish, so nuts, seeds, and vegetables.


Proteins come primarily from meats, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fish, other vegetables have some protein too. Each source of protein contains different amounts of fat and or carbohydrate in addition to containing protein.. We need protein to keep all our muscles

We does not only provide you with a personal training program and a dieting plan.

Our mutual work and efforts will give you the tools necessary for building towards your desired physique and will teach you how to maintain and develop it in the future. We don’t endorse the purchases of food supplements, nor do we work with any. If our client requires assistance in their diet plan, of course will be more than happy to help.

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